Course Layout

course_layout.jpghole1 hole2 hole3 hole4 hole5 hole6 hole7 hole8 hole9 hole10 hole11 hole12 hole13 hole14 hole15 hole16 hole17 hole18

Hole #1 "Starter"

Black 374   Blue 364   White 354   Gold 334   

Straight-away and slightly downhill, mounds line both sides of the fairway and the green is guarded by a bunker on the left.

Hole #2 "Arrowhead"

 Black 398   Blue 373   White 368   Gold 280  

This hole plays uphill and requires a drive in the fairway to avoid bunkers on the right and left.  The green is guarded in the front and on the left by sand bunkers. 

Hole #3 "Camelback"

Black 405   Blue 391   White 365   Gold 301

This hole swings right with trees and a creek on the left and a large fairway bunker to the right.  A huge sand trap protects the left side of the green.

Hole #4 "Long"

Black 595   Blue 553   White 519   Gold 489 

Choose one of five sets of tees covering over 100 yards to vary the length.  The hole is tree lined on both sides.  A true three shot hole, the premium is on the pitch to a well guarded pin.

Hole #5 "Bitternut"

Black 138   Blue 133   White 129   Gold 120 

A beautiful par 3 cut through natural woods.  A precise short iron is required to a sloping green guarded on all sides by sand bunkers.

Hole #6 "The Road Hole"

Black 584 Blue 562 White 548 Gold 480

Two well-played shots leave a short pitch into a boomerang shaped green protected by a large sand bunker in front.

Hole #7 "Wee Pond"

Black 394   Blue 373   White 365   Gold 314   

A good drive leaves a medium to short iron over water.  The shallow three tiered green is the most challenging on the course.

Hole #8 "Narrow"

Black 214   Blue 191   White 167   Gold 160   

This hole sits naturally along a hillside.  An accurate long iron into a narrow green is required.  The green is elevated and flanked on the left by a huge sand bunker.

Hole #9 "The Turn"

Black 344   Blue 339   White 330   Gold 324 

A dogleg left through a rolling hill with trees lining the left side.  A short iron to an elevated green must carry a bowl shaped sand bunker in front.

Hole #10 "Horseshoe"

Black 475   Blue 440   White 428   Gold 378

One of the more difficult holes, this is a long downhill stretch with trees lining right and mounds lining the left.  A good drive leaves a midiron to a generous green.

Hole #11 "Natural"

Black 408   Blue 375   White 346   Gold 303 

A well placed drive through a narrow opening leaves a short iron to the largest green on the course.  The green is elevated and protected by several sand bunkers.

Hole #12 "Blue Ash"

Black 549   Blue 539   White 531   Gold 484 

A good tee shot must avoid a long bunker down the left side to get home in two.  Five bunkers surround the green.

Hole #13 "Bur Oak"

Black 186   Blue 176   White 147   Gold 140

The three-tiered tee offers a range of club selection.  The tee shot is hit from a hillside across a fifty foot ravine to a large green sloping back to front.

Hole #14 "Waterloo"

Black 432   Blue 420   White 395   Gold 389 

A well-struck drive into a generous landing area leaves a mid to long iron into a large green protected by a lake in the front and right.

Hole #15 "Graveyard"

Black 383   Blue 369   White 349   Gold 304 

The uphill dogleg right requires an accurate tee ball.  A good drive leaves a short iron into a small green.

Hole #16 "Dunes"

Black 584   Blue 575   White 565   Gold 488 

A straight second shot will reward a short iron and a good birdie chance.

Hole #17 "Hawk's Nest"

Black 188   Blue 180   White 159   Gold 139

A classic par three with eight elevated teeing areas overlooking the green.  Water protects the front and right side of a sloping green. 

Hole #18 "Home"

Black 452   Blue 420   White 406   Gold 366

Power is the name of the game on this long uphill dogleg left home hole.  Two bunkers guard the right of the green that slopes from back to front.